Danny recently renewed his flight instructor certificate and is now a FAA Gold Seal Instructor. To qualify an instructor must have held both a CFI and ground instructor certificates for at least 24 months, have a pass rate of 80% or better and have trained and recommended a minimum of 10 applicants. well done Danny! Danny currently holds an ATP multi engine, commercial single engine, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI and 2 type ratings.


Carlos successfully completed his CFII add on just a couple months after his CFI initial. He was also hired by a flight school in San Diego and it sounds like things are going great for him! His CFI was Cody Pierce.

Mike went on his first solo today at all went very well. His CFI is Cody Pierce.


With the help of David Mann Garik was able to successfully complete his Private Pilot check ride in 1484B.

Congrats Garik

Congratulations to Mike L. And his CFI David Mann on the successful completion of his Private Pilot Certificate.

Jason in the Tampico

Jason completed his instrument checkride in the Tampico with approaches at Torrance and Long Beach. His instructor was Cody Pierce.

Aces High instructor Hank W. just passed his CFII checkride with the help of Cody Pierce. If your looking to get started on your instrument or an IPC give Hank a call!

Ally went for her first solo in perfect conditions in 1484B!  Her CFI was Cody Pierce.

Ally and 1484B

With the help of CFI Paul Raymond, Paul A. finished his private with great success in perfect weather.  Great job Paul.

(photo coming soon)

Carlos completed his initial CFI certificate on his first try with a FAA inspector which is quite a big task.  His CFI was Cody Pierce.

Congratulations Carlos, and we’re happy to have you join the AHA team of instructors.  Anybody who is looking for a fresh new look on flight training Carlos will take good care of you.

After seven hours Carlos was done!

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