Getting Started

This will prepare you to start flying or learning at Aces High Aviation

Below is a list of things that can streamline your flying or the time you spend with us once you arrive.

If you are flying on a foreign licence and need a conversion, please click here and follow our other guide.


  1. Download our Pilot information and Rental agreement, fill these out but do not sign these until you are in the office with us.
  2. If you are a new student you can find what you need to bring listed here. Student Pilot Checklist
  3. Certificated pilots who want to rentĀ can find their checklist here. Rental Pilot Checklist
  4. Follow the instructions on this page to get an AoA Badge for Long Beach airport.
  5. Bring the items listed on the checklist above appropriate to you when you arriveĀ as we will need to make a copy of these documents ourselves.

Instructors start at $60 per hour for the entire duration you spend with them and the planes are charged when the engine is running based on Hobbs time.

We do not have any membership fee’s, and once checked out you will have access to Aces High Aviation 24/7.

Any questions on the matter please contact us on 562-726-3719