Here you can find feedback from some of our pilots and students. Feel free to leave us your thoughts and comments. We certainly appreciate it.

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  1. Cole says:

    This is a top notch operation with great instructors, a friendly atmosphere and newer planes that are nice to fly and well maintained. Whether you’re just learning, getting back into the hobby after many years, or an avid flier ready for weekend trips and sight seeing around SoCal this is the place to go. The prices are very reasonable. This is perhaps the best value for the money in town. I highly recommend it!!!

  2. Mike says:

    Most of the instructors here are the cream of the crop from the Long Beach Flying Club who just wanted better aircraft at a better value for their students. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like a newer G1000 aircraft for the same price as an older steam gauge with less than stellar interiors. Regardless of who you choose, you’re still going to get quality instruction. If you are simply renting for a day trip, you’ll find great aircraft at good prices. I’m looking forward to their future and improvements that they’ll make to their operation.

  3. Bela says:

    Aces High Aviation is a great place to learn to fly. They provide you with experienced instructors and well maintained safe and legal airplanes with excellent interior and exterior at a cost that is usually less than what you find in other places that offer older airplanes with less than optimal maintenance. There are no gimmicks. You pay as you go and there are no down-payments, membership fees or donations. At Aces High instructors will teach you the fundamentals and prepare you to become a safe pilot. I wish the best for Aces High and I hope that by their excellent service and commitment they will be able to set a new, much higher standard of professionalism and customer service for the rest of the flight schools and flying clubs in the area to follow.

  4. Eric says:

    I been to several of the flight school at Long Beach Airport and I can honestly say that Aces High Aviation is the best value. The planes are newer and well maintained and the prices are better than anywhere else. Plus all the instructors that I have worked with have been top notch. Definitely a great place to learn to fly.

  5. Nathan says:

    Aces High is no doubt a very effective and versatile flight school, and they’re more than able to help out students who get caught in a bind. In my case, I was juggling college classes at UCLA while attempting to get my private pilot’s certificate simultaneously. While this is a difficult task and something I probably wouldn’t advise others to do, I found that Cody was more than ready to make things work, and work well. Despite my schedule problems, I got my Private Certificate through Aces.

    Another thing to note is that the dynamic between instructors is amazing. While Cody spearheaded my program, there were certain occasions where I had to fly with a different instructor. Despite the fact that I used “substitute teachers,” there was no wasted time with Aces High.

  6. Joe Kirk says:

    Cody, sorry it took so long to leave a comment. It was great to see you here in Grants Pass on the relocation flight from Washington. First let me say what a great instructor you are and what a great time I had earning my private pilot ticket. I started my training at Corona with an instructor whom just wanted to put in the hours to eventually get his ATP. Damn! I had ten hours total time with that person when I realized I needed more and contacted you. Forty three hours total flight time later I had my certificate. What a difference it makes when the CFI doing the training is totally dedicated to the student without a personal agenda. I thank you for the quality training, the patience and the friendship. Your training and obvious love of what you do inspired me to continue my training here in Oregon (which is slightly different form So. Cal) I’m working on my instrument rating and, with these conditions, will certainly earn it. Thanks again, your buddy, Joe Kirk Grants Pass, Or.

  7. Jason says:

    Best wet rates in SoCal, all fuel reimbursed, clean aircraft, great instructors, GPS + AP in most aircraft. Block rate promotions, when offered, are unbeatable! Free online scheduling via Google! They just got a SR20 and C207!

  8. Felix says:

    Can’t go wrong with AHA. You won’t find any place as friendly, and most important, as professional as here.

    Starting up my aviation carreer with Cody I can guarantee you top quality training plus AHA’s unique way of making you feel like home, because they love what they do!

  9. Alex K. says:

    You are reading this because you have a dream: a desire to fly. Even though at first it may seem intimidating, unrealistic, or overwhelming, you ARE capable of making this a reality, today. Aces High Aviation will warmly guide you into the unique and prestige world of flying, every step of the way. I know this for a fact, and everything I write I can say wholeheartedly and confidently. As a former student, I have been through the experience.

    If I had to start over and could choose any flight school, there is no doubt I would make the same choice (even though I am much closer to Fullerton). Everyone is extremely friendly, positive, and knowledgeable. Their gorgeous aircraft fleet is always clean and well maintained. Your experience level doesn’t matter, you will be treated just the same, and you will never be put down for trying to learn. One of my favorite things was I always felt SAFE. Safety was taken very seriously, and it always was my instructor’s top priority. It’s something to be thankful for because it constructs a more confident, proficient, and smarter pilot when you are done. The amount of knowledge they possess is immeasurable and extensive, and surely can answer any questions you have. If you still have doubts, arrange a demo flight to see for yourself.

    Even though these kind words I write will never be enough to repay all they have done to make my dream come true, I hope it can help YOU to get started in your aviating adventures.

  10. Maxim says:

    Been training and renting through Aces High for man years, and still go there after I moved 20 miles away from Long Beach. You won’t find more friendly instructors, who are also very professional. Their planes are well-maintained and clean, and some of them are new. Wet prices are great, no membership fees, all fuel reimbursed.

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