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Logbook Conversion Services

We offer logbook conversion to digital spreadsheets with active updates available!

Send us pictures of each page of your physical logbook.

We create a replica of your logbook but on an online spreadsheet, available for download and use via google drive.

To update it send us a picture each time you complete another logbook page!

Step 1 – Email us clear pictures of each page in your logbook to aceshighlogbookservices@gmail.com

Step 2 – We will recreate your logbook into an online spreadsheet via google drive

Step 3 – Once shared with your email address you have full access

Any additional complete pages can be emailed to us at aceshighlogbookservices@gmail.com


$15.00 creation 1-time fee

0.20 cents per line entry (excludes comments section)

If you wish to include the comments section it is an additional .10 cents per line

* The ‘Comments’ or ‘Notes sections’ can often be difficult to read and depending on the legibility of the notes may or may not be completed.

As fellow pilots, we care about your logbook and we know how valuable it is to you! We will take great care in personally making sure all the info is correct.

Below is an example of a small portion of a page from our logbook conversion

This is an example of the spreadsheet for a full Jeppesen Professional logbook after entry into the spreadsheet.