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Demo Flight

A demo flight is a great way to experience what it’s like to train to become a pilot. This also provides an opportunity to check out the aircraft, the instructors, and the facilities here at Aces High Aviation.

What you can expect during your demo flight :

  • You’ll get shown how to preflight the aircraft
  • They’ll introduce you to the basic instruments within the aircraft
  • You’ll get to listen in to live air traffic control as you navigate the taxiways in preparation for takeoff.
  • Once airborne the instructor will guide you through the flight controls.
  • You’ll be given as much control as they feel comfortable as you feel the aircraft respond to your inputs.
  • You’ll fly out over towards the practice area off the coast of the long beach harbor. 
  • They’ll show you a few maneuvers before heading back to land at Long beach.
  • The entire experience usually lasts about 1h 45 minutes.


The goal of a demo flight is to give you the real feel and experience of a first flight lesson.


Step 1

Choose your aircraft (All are 1 hour of aircraft time)

What you see is what you pay. (Aircraft and instructor costs combined)

Cessna 152 - 2 Seat Aircraft

Cessna 172 - 4 Seat Aircraft

$210 – (185lb weight limit / 6ft 1″ Max height*)

$255/265 – (Room for 3 passengers)

Step 2

Call our office to schedule a time/date (562) 726-3719

Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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