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Aircraft Checkout

Any existing pilot who wishes to rent an aircraft from us is required to perform an aircraft checkout regardless of pilot total time or experience.

With 24/7 rental and electronic self-scheduling, we aim to be the easiest and best rental service in Southern California.

Below are a few things you can expect from a checkout with one of our instructors.

Checkouts are a minimum of 1 hour of flight time and also require the completion of the checkout quiz, which can be found here.

You will demonstrate at least the following during the aircraft checkout:

3 acceptable takeoffs and landings

Simulated engine out

Stalls and basic flight maneuvers

Show that you are safe, competent, and knowledgeable in the aircraft

Paperwork for the checkout can be found below.

You may complete this before your checkout to streamline the process if you wish.

Alternatively, they can also be provided in the office.

Aircraft Checkout Groups

Cessna 152 (6111Q, 4786P)

Cessna 172 (65537, 2235V)

Mooney (78909)

Flight Reviews

If you complete a flight review at Aces High Aviation, this will also count as a checkout.

Special Checkouts

A few airports in the Southern California Region require a separate checkout to allow renters to visit.

Big Bear – L35
Catalina Island – KAVX

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