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Getting Started

So you’re ready to pursue your dream of flying? Or maybe you just want some more information?

Where do you start?

Photograph by Sam Cruze

You have a few options:

Demo Flight: this is a great way to make sure you are happy with a few things, including the instructor, aircraft, and the facility.

Alternatively, schedule a time to meet with Aces High management:

Check out the facility, class-rooms, and services.

Ask as many questions as you can to learn about the entire process.

Take a look at the aircraft.

Find out all the information regarding everything we have to offer.

Photograph by Sam Cruze

As the owner of Aces High Aviation, I will meet with you directly and try to answer as many questions as you have about flying.

Below are some FAQs to get you started.

Are there age restrictions?

There are no restrictions on age limits to learn with an instructor. However, you must be at least 16 years old to fly solo and at least 17 years old to hold a private certificate. We have had multiple clients ranging from ages 13 to 75+.

How long does it take?

As with a lot of things, you will most definitely get out what you put in!
It is a significant time investment and you will progress well when not only studying in lessons, but taking the time to do so at home.
Our lessons are all 1-to-1 instruction, so it will depend on the frequency and consistency of lessons.
We have had past clients do 5 lessons per week and complete their PPL in 2 months.

How many flight hours will it take?

The minimum is 40 hours of flight time. However, the average in the US is between 65 to 70 hours; this is a good number to base your financial calculations on.
You can reduce this number by taking the time to study in your own time and practice what you have been taught.
However, this can go the other way! If you do not study in your own time and complete your homework assignments, it can increase the flight time.
The end goal is to reach a proficiency level that will allow you to perform the required tasks to the standard required.

Do I need to enroll? Is it class based?

No, there is no enrollment and no monthly or annual fees. All of our instruction is 1-to-1 with the instructor. You can start any time and you can schedule as many sessions as you like. All of our instructors set their own schedule, so you simply schedule with them when you are both available. Some instructors will start as early as 7:00AM and anywhere through to the late night.

What tests do I need to complete?

1 written test with 60 multiple choice questions and a 70% passing grade.
You also need to complete a check ride administered by an FAA-designated examiner, which is at the end of your training.

What other tasks do I need to complete?

There are a few items you need to acquire, including a student pilot certificate (your instructor will assist you with this), and you also need to complete a physical exam from a certified medical examiner (not required until solo flight).

What does it cost?

This is the question I get asked the most and depends on a several factors.
You cannot guarantee a set amount or fixed cost because there are so many variables. As mentioned above, it is based on your skill and proficiency at performing the required tasks! However, it is reasonable to give a ballpark estimate based on the averages.

A huge factor is the plane that you choose to fly. Then, using the 65-70 hour averages we talked about above, you can start to get a rough idea of the cost.

Once you factor in the instructor’s time, which is charged the same rate whether it is during flight time or ground, you will find these numbers are a reasonable estimate.

Private Pilot

Cessna 152 – $15,000 to $16,000 range. *
Cessna 172 – $17,000 to $19,000 range. *


The Redbird MCX helps massively for the instrument training, as such you can expect lower prices on average due to the cost of the MCX vs aircraft.

Cessna 152 – $12,000 to $14,000 range. *
Cessna 172 – $14,000 to $16,000 range. *


Heavily dependent on the total time you have acquired in your private and instrument, time building is a huge part of this then simply 10 to 15 hours with an instructor.

Based on the averages in the US you could expect to complete your instrument with a total time of 125-130 hours leaving 100 hours of time building.

The redbird MCX ATD allows you to build apply 50 hours of flight time towards your commercial, this is however not additional hours on-top of hours you may have logged in the MCX for your instrument & or private.

If you have never used an ATD training device like the MCX then you could expect numbers as follows

50 hours MCX ATD is $4,250. *
50 hours of Cessna 152 time is $5,250. *
50 hours of Cessna 172 time is $8,000 to $8,500 *

Bringing you a ballpark Private, Instrument, Commercial completion cost of around

Cessna 152 + 50 hours of MCX $33,500 to $37,500 *
Cessna 172 + 50 hours of MCX $35,750 to $44,500 *

* These are based on US averages and are dependent on several factors and do in no way guarantee completion for this amount.

If you’d like to schedule a free meeting with the owner of the flight school you may call or email to arrange this admin@aceshighaviation.com or (562) 726 – 3719

Already a pilot?

Schedule a checkout or flight review!

Rusty pilot? Spend some time to get back in the air combining a checkout with some recurrency training.

Call our office at (562) 726-3719 to let us know what you would like to do. We are also happy to answer your questions over the phone any time!

We do not have any membership fees. Once checked out, you will have access to Aces High Aviation 24/7.