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Time Building

Are you looking to bridge the gap between ratings as cheap, effective, and quickly as possible while also gaining valuable experience flying in a new location?

We regularly welcome people who need to do time building in our aircraft from all around the world!

Time building in Los Angeles can be amazing at building experience in a challenging environment that you will soon learn to master. Paired with the amazing locations that California has to offer, you can soon be building your flight experience while visiting some bucket list destinations all over Southern California!

If you’re a non-US pilot check below to see how we can help you out with license conversion so you can time build with us!

Cessna 152 are $130.00 per hour

Cessna 172 SP is $185.00 per hour

Cessna 172 G1000 is $195.00 per hour

Instructors are $80.00 per hour both in the air or on the ground.

Call Aces High Aviation management at (562) 726-3719 or email at admin@aceshighaviation.com.

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Non-US Pilot Time Building

If you are coming to build time from another country, there are a few steps you need to follow. It still remains very simple and easy to complete as we are very experienced in the process and have had numerous pilots come from all over the world to fly with us.

Below is a step by step guide as to what is required. Please email management at admin@aceshighaviation.com before coming to arrange details.

Step 1 – Complete the form you can find at https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/foreign_license_verification/

Then, send the FAA the completed form along with a copy of your medical and foreign license.

You can find how to send them this on the website linked above.

Step 2 – Wait for the verification letter the Airmen Certification Branch will send you once the foreign license verification process has been completed.

Step 3 – Schedule an appointment with the DPE. The least expensive DPE we have found so far is Tim Tucker. You can email him at pilottucker@earthlink.net. He charges around $150.00 to perform this. Before arrival in the US, schedule a date ahead of time for when you arrive. The appointment is usually 30 minutes in length.

Step 4 – Once you arrive in the US with your documents, head to your scheduled meeting with the FSDO.

They will provide you with temporary documents required for flying.

Step 5 – Come and complete a flight review with us to validate your US PPL.

FSDO Details: 5001 Airport Plaza Dr # 100, Long Beach, CA 90815 – Telephone: +001 562 420-1755

You can email them via their contact page located here.

Before you arrive, they will provide you with all the details of what you need to bring, depending on the country that you hold your PPL in. This includes a few documents from the agency that governs the flight in your country. We also have contacts for great places to stay and can provide suggestions on how to easily commute to and from the airport if you need a place to stay.

There are no membership fees and the only additional costs are renters insurance, which is around $250.00 to $300.00 for the year, some of which can be partially refunded when you have completed your hours.

Please email management at admin@aceshighaviation.com if you plan on taking advantage of this.

Time building in southern California can be some of the most rewarding flying you can do. With so many places to fly to and so many unique experiences to be found you’ll have fun whilst building your hours and working towards your dreams.