3501 N Lakewood Blvd, Long Beach CA 90808


No hidden fuel surcharges or fees here; what you see is what you’ll pay

All rates are wet, and we reimburse fuel up to the current fuel rates at Long Beach

Cessna 172 – 4 Seat Aircraft

Cessna 172 G1000 – N2235V $155/hour

G1000 Aces high Aviation, Long Beach, CA,

G1000 WAAS, air conditioning for those hot summer days!  

Safe taxi, XM weather, XM Music, music input, front seat airbags, and leather interior.

This is a very clean and very well-equipped 4-seater aircraft.

N2235V rents for $155/hour wet

Block rate is $145/hour wet

Cessna 172 SP – N65537 $145/hour

N65537 Aces High Aviation
N65537 Panel Aces High Aviation

2004 was the last year that Cessna offered standard instrumentation, so we have the best-equipped steam gauge Skyhawk’s available.

It has a leather interior, a KLN 94B GPS, a large King MFD, and a KAP140 autopilot with altitude hold in this 4-seater aircraft. 

N65537 rents for $145/hour wet

Block rate is $135/hour wet

Cessna 152 – 2 Seat Aircraft

Cessna 152 II – N4786P $100/hour

This Cessna 152 has 125HP so you can get a fair amount more performance and cruise speed from this engine.

King Radios with a Kx155! this is one of the cleanest 152’s you will ever see!

N4786P Rents for $100/hour wet

Block rate is $90/hour wet

Cessna 152 II – N6111Q $100/hour

N6111Q Aces High Aviation

This Cessna 152 has completed some major upgrades in 2019

Dual King KX-155A paired with a King audio panel, several new instruments.

It also has brand new interior panels, carpet, seats and all around windshield.

This is very well equipped for analog IFR training

N6111Q rents for $100/hour wet

Block rate is $90/hour wet

Turbo Lance II – PA-32RT-300T – 6 Seat Aircraft

PA-32RT-300T Turbo Lance for Rental Aces high Aviation Long beach 90808

This amazing 6 seat aircraft is packed with toys and ready for your trip to Vegas, snowboarding or golfing.

It has it’s own page dedicated to all the features and toys you can find the link below

N3028A Rents for $330/hour wet

Boeing Stearman PT-17 – 2 Seat Aircraft

This WWII Biplane is simply a thrill to fly, the open cockpit rush is simply incredible.

The Stearman has a dedicated page that you can find linked below

Stearman demo flights are $350/per 45 minutes

Mooney M-20B – 4 Seat Aircraft

Mooney M20B Aircraft Rental N78909 Aces High Aviation

A speedy little 4-seater plane equipped with a Garmin GNC 250XL a GPS/COM and KX170 Radios.

N78909 Rents for $145/hour wet

Block rate is $135/hour wet