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Adventure Ideas

Find adventure ideas or inspiration to get out there and do some amazing flying in the Southwest

All trips are based off a Long Beach KLGB start location

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Short Day Trips (1.0 – 4.0 Hours)

KL54 – Agua Caliente Springs 210 NM 2.9 Hours at 100kts – Simone Stefanoni

Plenty of tie downs are available and the runway is in good condition.

You can walk about a mile to the camping area and gain admittance to the natural springs pool for just $3 and spend as long as you like there.

Simone Stefanoni

Flyover San Diego – 160 NM 2.4 Hours at 100kts – Simone Stefanoni

Southbound ask for a low transition (500ft) through the Bravo offshore to Point Loma, then ask for a “Channel transition” (normally 800-1000ft) to Coronado Bridge, then 180 back to Long Beach over KSAN.

Simone Stefanoni

Full Day Trips (4.0 – 9.0 Hours)

KSBP San Luis Obispo KL52 Oceano 300 NM 4.0 Hours at 100kts – Simone Stefanoni

More adventure ideas continue as you plan to arrive in San Luis Obispo at 12 for lunch (good restaurant). After lunch, fly to Oceano, which is just few minutes away (watch out for the weather there). Rent an ATV or just take one of the free bikes at the airport for a ride on the beach (they usually rent the ATV for not less than 2 hours – plan in advance).

Simone Stefanoni

KMPI Yosemite Airport KMRY Monterey 750 NM 8.6 Hours at 100kts – Simone Stefanoni

Over LA en-route to Yosemite, then Bay Tour, and finally back to LB via Monterey.
Once talking with Norcal, ask for a “Bay Tour” outside and below the Bravo, then follow the shoreline to KMRY.

Simone Stefanoni

Multi-Day Trips (9.0+ Hours)

KHII Lake Havasu KSEZ Sedona KL41 Marble Canyon KPGA Page K1G4 Grand Canyon KVGT Las Vegas 11.9 Hours @ 100kts – Simone Stefanoni

After a fuel and food stop in Lake Havasu, continue to Sedona. Climb over GC SFRA to Marble Canyon ($5.00 landing fee and very rough runway, but with an incredible view and a fun approach). Book a tour in advance for the Antelope Canyon in Page, then fly to K1G4 (NO service provided there). Spend the night in Las Vegas.

Simone Stefanoni

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