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Accelerated Instrument simulator packages

Accelerated Packages

20 hours of flight time in the Redbird MCX full motion ATD can be credited towards your Instrument rating.

If you use more than that for proficiency you may credit up to 50 hours towards your commercial rating.

Save huge amounts on training costs, the accelerated packages offer discounted rates for people looking to use the simulator to supplement their instrument training even if you are training at another flight school.

Pricing – Long Beach Airport

Regular rate of the MCX is $85 p/hr

10 hours of MCX time $80 p/hr & 10 hours of Instructor time ($75 p/hr) – $1,550

20 hours of MCX time $75 p/hr & 20 hours of Instructor time ($70 p/hr) – $2,900

Additional accelerated hours can be added to your package at the same rate

This all translates into huge savings vs using the costly aircrafts for the entirety of your flight training, you can reduce your instrument rating cost by up-to 35% or more!

The MCX full motion simulator can be used with either an “Analog” 6 pack configuration or a full G1000 “glass” cockpit setup.

The Analog panel consists of 6 pack instruments with a Garmin 430 and 530 combo included.

You can find more information on the MCX Redbird here

You may also use the MCX to stay instrument proficient 24/7 after you are instrument rated and you may also use it to perform IPC with an instructor.

Redbird MCX Full motion ATD