3501 N Lakewood Blvd, Long Beach CA 90808

Aces High Aviation

We strive to provide the best quality aircraft and the highest standards of flight training,

so we are able to train safe, competent pilots who are ready for anything aviation can bring them.

Whatever your training goals may be, we will help make them become a reality.

Flight Training

This is where your dream of flying starts! Let us help you get flight training.

Aircraft Rental

Our aircraft are available for rental to already qualified pilots.

Accelerated Courses

Full time courses are available for Private, Instrument and Commercial.

Multi Engine Training

Accelerated Multi-Engine training in a DA-42 Diamondstar


Looking to fly commercially? Let us help you finish your training off.

Time Building

Working towards a flight hour requirement? Let us help you get there.

1-hour demo aircraft flights starting at $195

1-hour full motion simulator lessons starting at $125

Call today at (562) 726-3719

Why Choose Aces High Aviation for your flight training?

High-quality flight training with dedicated and experienced full-time career flight instructors

Well-kept and maintained fleet of great condition aircraft

Highly competitive rates for better aircraft

24/7 access with no membership fees

Pay-as-you-go flying at your own pace with a flexible schedule

Aircraft rental for licensed pilots or time builders

Personalized flight training

Convenient location, minimal distance to the runway, and usage of the quietest runway at Long Beach

Family-run with a great atmosphere and friendly staff

We have alumni in all sectors of aviation

Easy-to-use self-service scheduling and payment systems

3501 N Lakewood Blvd, Long Beach, California 90808