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Accelerated Multi-Engine training So-Cal

Accelerated Twin Engine training at Long Beach Airport available in a modern Diamond DA-42

Da-42 Twinstar Long Beach KLGB Twin Training Multiengine

5 Day Accelerated Course

10 hours* of time over 4 days of training and the 5th day for your Checkride!

We have examiner availability asap! don’t get delayed waiting for a Checkride date!

This course is designed to get you your multi-engine rating fast!

( We also have options if you wish to take it at a slower pace! )

In order to give you the best shot at achieving this time frame you must have the following in order.

G1000 Experience

KAP 140 Autopilot Proficiency

IFR Proficiency

Commercial Maneuvers Proficiency

Completed John E-wing Concise guide to the DA-42 : Where to find

5 hours of ground – $450

10 hours of Twin DA-42 Flight time – $4,500

Multi-Engine Instruction – $95 p/hr

Average Training cost $ 6,200


Examiner Fee – $850

Aircraft average Checkride time – 1.7 hours

Average Checkride cost – $1,572

Completion time will vary based on your proficiency and ability to pass the check-ride.

Garmin G1000 experience! We are able to provide G1000 training using our Redbird MCX ($85 per hour)

Although there is no minimums for Multi-engine commercial addon checkride proficiency is required. 


Join the Multi-Engine waitlist for a an DPE checkride date: Join here

Ready to get your multi-engine?

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