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Accelerated Multi-Engine training So-Cal

Accelerated Twin Engine training at Long Beach Airport available in a modern Diamond DA-42

Da-42 Twinstar Long Beach KLGB Twin Training Multiengine

5 Day Accelerated Course

10 hours* of time over 4 days of training and the 5th day for your Checkride!

We have examiner availability asap! don’t get delayed waiting for a Checkride date!

This course is designed to get you your multi-engine rating fast!

( We also have options if you wish to take it at a slower pace! )

5 hours of ground – $450

10 hours of Twin DA-42 Flight time – $4,250

Multi-Engine Instruction – $90 p/hr

Average Training cost $ 5,870


Examiner Fee – $850

Aircraft average Checkride time – 1.7 hours

Average Checkride cost – $1,572

  • Completion time will vary based on your Garmin G1000 experience! We are able to provide G1000 training using our Redbird MCX ($85 per hour)
  • Although there is no minimums for Multi-engine training 10 hours is a realistic number for most pilots but it may take more than this to meet standards required for the checkride.

Ready to get your multi-engine?

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