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Gift Certificate

We offer flexible gift certificates for any amount or service we provide. These make ideal presents for birthdays or even just giving that someone who has always wanted to train or a reason to jump into it.

We can provide a personalized gift certificate for you to present either by pickup, mail, or email.

Option 1 – Gift a Demo Flight

Choose your aircraft. All are 1 hour of actual flight time.

2-Seat Aircraft (Student and Instructor)

Cessna 152 – $210

N4786P Cessna 152 Aces High Aviation

4-Seat Aircraft (Up to 2 additional passengers with no added fee)

Cessna 172 SP – $255

Cessna 172 G1000 – $265

N2235V Aces High Aviation Cessna 172 G1000

Option 2 – Gift Flight Time to an Existing Student or Renter

Any amount can be added to their account either in person or over the phone.