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New Student Starter Guide

So you’re ready to schedule your demo flight or perhaps you’re on the waitlist to get started?

Here are a few recommendations to get you started before you get into lessons with your instructor.

1. Complete your required documents on the registration page at the link below


2. Add yourself to the waitlist

If not already added here https://forms.gle/zzKc5D4RTvNvBQAM9

Please do call us to ask questions or talk if you wish to setup an orientation which is required before starting lessons.

3. Obtain a Medical Certificate

For Private pilot training only a Third Class Medical is required, however if you intend to go to the airlines a First Class is recommended.

To find an AME near you http://flightphysical.com/search/searchzip.htm

This is highly recommended before you are too many lessons into training.

4. Begin your ground course in order to prepare for your FAA Written Exam 

You do not need to have this completed to begin flight training

We recommend Kings School, however there are other ground courses available such as Sporties.

The Private Pilot Online Ground School & Test Prep Online Ground School $279 (May change) is sufficient. However they have other add-on bundles available. 


Some may want to take their written tests before starting flight training, although not required. You should be passing the practice exams with at minimum 85% to 90% before taking the real test. Scoring in this region or higher will prepare you much better for what is to come.

After you’ve done this you may schedule a meeting with an Aces High CFI (by calling the office number (562) 726-3719 )

Then with the CFI in person you can create an IACRA account for a student pilot license & an FTN Number (FAA Tracking Number). This takes about 30 minutes or less.

You can also practice with the written exams for free here https://free-faa-exam.kingschools.com/private-pilot

When you are a ready to take the real written test.

Schedule & take the FAA Private Pilot Airplane (PAR) Written Exam $175 (May change)

*You will need to create an account and have your FTN number ready.  

Find the locations that you may take the exams at here https://faa.psiexams.com/faa/login

5. Begin reading the Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH)

Find the appropriate aircraft model you will be flying in (C172 G1000, C172 Nav II, or C152 II).

Yes it’s wordy, but we promise it’s necessary!  

To find them head to https://aceshighaviation.com/resources/ and select the appropriate aircraft that you’ll be training in.

6. Get started on learning the radio

Head to the www.liveatc.net website or download the app and tune into KLGB tower.

Listening to the live air traffic control will help you start to get used to some of the radio work, if you hear a word you don’t understand, google it!

https://www.liveatc.net/hlisten.php?mount=klgb_gnd&icao=klgb – Direct link to KLGB Tower