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Rate Sheet / Block Rates

Instruction & Rental Rates

Aircraft GroupsRegular Rate P/hrBlock Rate P/hrInstructor Rates P/hrCheckout Requirements
Redbird MCX Full Motion ATD Simulator$85.00$75.00$65.00 – $75.00
Cessna 152 N6111Q$100.00$90.00$65.00Minimum 1 Hour
Cessna 152 N4786P$100.00$90.00$65.00Minimum 1 Hour
2004 Cessna 172S N65537$150.00$65.00Minimum 1 Hour
2007 Cessna 172 G1000 N2235V$160.00$65.00Minimum 1 Hour
Stearman PT-17$325.00$300.00$100.00No Rental
Stearman 45-Min Demo$350.00Included
M20B Mooney N78909$150.00$140.00$75.00250TT 25RG 10 Time & Type

Aces High Aviation offers block rate pricing as a discount for aircraft flight time.

Block rates give a discount per hour less than the regular rate.

To get ‘block rate pricing’ we simply require an upfront payment of 10 hours of aircraft or simulator time on account via cash, check or debit card. This is to avoid large credit card fees.

Block rate is for customers who will be doing a decent amount of flying as we require these blocks to be used within 30 days of purchase at which point the remaining balance will be used at regular rates.

USS Midway Aces High Aviation Rate Sheet