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Private Pilot Starter Kits

Here at Aces High we strongly believe that Jeppesen make some of the best training materials around.

As such we suggest our students invest in the following materials to accelerate and assist with their training here with us.

Private Pilot Kit

Below we will outline a kit that we have put together using Jeppesen material here at Aces High Aviation. We strongly believe that this combination will help you get through your training as smoothly as possible.

Private Pilot Syllabus

The private pilot syllabus breaks the training down into lessons that are easily digestible, allowing you to see what is coming up in your training. This then helps you to be more prepared for each lesson and easily see exactly how you are progressing through your flight training.

Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual

This book walks you through from the preflight, maneuvers and explains why you perform each action that you are taught and walks you through everything you’d encounter in a flight. This book is very valuable in breaking do the important core knowledge required to perform a safe flight.

Private Pilot Textbook

This is where the real core of your fundamentals comes from, the primary source of your aviation knowledge. Jeppesen do a fantastic job describing all the ins and outs you need to know when it comes to flying. You will use this book to support all the other books provided above.


There are a few different logbooks of varying sizes and colors. This is where your flight hours are logged and your flights and training records are kept. This is very valuable to you so we also suggest getting a logbook cover to keep your logbook in excellent condition!


These are aircraft specific lists that provide a breakdown and procedure inflight, from pre-flight to shutdown they provide key bullet points to ensure nothing is missed.


This is a unique tool in assisting with your flight planning, along with charts and plotters this will help you to accurately plan your longer cross country flights.


This device is used in conjunction with the E6-B for flight planning, allowing you to measure distances in miles and calculate headings.


A kneeboard is vital to to the cockpit to allow you a place to record notes, ATC transmissions and copy down frequencies.

Aces High Embroidered Bag

All of this kit comes with a flight back to keep your various pens/pencils and equipment tidy and ready to go.